För att nå framgång i dagens globala affärsmiljö måste företag fokusera på sin kärnverksamhet. Alla distraktioner saktar ner tempot och företaget riskerar att förlora viktiga konkurrensfördelar.

Vi analyserar ert företags kompetensbehov inom språk, kommunikation och affärskultur och sätter därefter ihop ett behovsanpassat program både för individer och team. 

Where do you start? 
If you and your organisation need to improve your international performance, Richard Lewis Communications is for you. 

Our aim is to help you get your message across and influence people confidently in a global context. Getting the right balance between language, communication skills and cross-cultural support is the starting point.

The more we understand what you need to do, the better. For instance, you may have to get the board to agree to a new business plan. Perhaps you are chairing a meeting at the European Commission. You may need to train clients in using your software.

No matter how well you communicate already, we help you go further. We enter your worlds of sales and marketing, IT, finance, human resources, administration, planning, production, EU-legislation or research and development and put your learning in the right context. In the end, effective communication is all about getting people to do the things you need them to do.